November 27, 2012

Working on Sailor Moon Fuku

Just finished all the jewellery that goes with the Sailor Moon first fuku.
I will add item pages later. Probably in week, after I finish whole costume. The only thing that is missing on photo is her mask, but I have it done.

Here you can see finished skirt, and halfmade leotard.

The convention is in this week. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I still have a lot to do in this short time.

September 2, 2012

Just did Saturn Brooch

Added created today Saturn brooch.
I love how this one looks ^[]^
Tried more materials options and rendering options. Like better transparency and alpha channel

What do you think?

August 31, 2012

[Item] Transformation Brooch

  • Used by: Tsukino Usagi
  • Manga Appearance:
    Act 01 — Act 13
  • Anime Appearance:
    ep 1 — ep 51
  • Activation Phrase:
    "Moon Prism Power, Make Up!"
  • Transform Usagi to Sailor Moon
  • Was given to her by Luna
  • Trivia:
    The design in manga is changing from chapter to chapter, but is still more detailed than manga version of the brooch.
  • go to shapeways and order base of the brooch there => link
  • paint base gold
  • complete it with crystals you can get locally, you will need four 6mm in green, blue, red and yellow, and one 15mm in pink
  • go to shapeways and order elements for bulding up your brooch => link & link
  • paint elements in gold, pink and white if needed in set A
  •  glue on some silver foil on bottom of the base in set B
  • glue all parts together
  • complete it with crystal you can get locally, you will need one 6mm in pink


From now on, you can order from me wigs, costumes and items from Sailor Moon.

August 30, 2012

Adding Adding

So I added all files from VECTOR MOON and 3D MOON that were posted before on DA. Also named my Prop colection TRUE MOON and added there few things. There is also tag COSPLAY MOON with my sailor moon cosplays. Still need to work on thing here and there... oh well X"DD

What is Moonlight Project?

Moonlight Project is two things,

Firstly, it's a place to gather all my images of objects from Sailor Moon
Secondly, it's a place to gather all my cosplays from Sailor Moon

There will be more, much more than this in half a year or something